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RapidMount FAQ

  1. Breaks down and stores in a 6" x 6" x 14" space
  2. UV Sched 80 PVC for legs and mast
    UV outdoor PVC furniture grade 5-way connector
  3. Legs adjust for leveling
  4. Mast is 1.66" OD (outside diameter) to easily adapt to most DBS antenna masts
  5. Not recommended for larger diameter antennas
  6. Multiple uses when not being used for antenna mounting
  7. Put several in the RV - holds flags, lights, signs, sprinklers, tiki torches
  8. Works on concrete, asphalts, bare earth, grass
  9. In windy conditions, add stability with sandbags, blocks, rocks, whatever is available
  10. Easy and quick breakdown for transport

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